Fantastic Authentic is the depiction of a grey area that is our true self, where we are suspended in neither reality nor the imaginary, suspended between our own perception and the perception others have of us and between our internal emotional state and the external factors that influence us.

The shapes, textures and structures illustrate the different elements of this emotional suspension. The circles depict the spheres in which we experience tension, pulled around by the long, hyper-extended arms and our pain points.

By utilising the natural structure of bamboo, we hark back to LuvShifting’s appreciation of nature and it’s protective innate shelter. Styled on a 1970s playground, this intrinsically strong frame holds our fantasies in a vessel of safety.

In the installation imagery, we see the backdrop of an old, symmetrical building which contrasts with the naturally bright Mandarin duck colours of the print. Co-existing in this design, the print oozes confidence and wild authenticity – exactly how the wearer of the scarf will feel and present themselves.

Reality and authenticity the state of things as they actually exist, and fantasy, the imagining of the impossible, are married together to create an original and reflective design.

Fantastic Authentic –  an imagining of the narrative by Kurt Anderson’s Fantasy Land

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia Hobbs AKA LuvShifting : Photographer – Matt Sills : Model – Laura Rylands : H&Mup – Marie Jacks : Graphic design, product & BTS shots – ldmdesign : Fashion Design Assistant – Ana Espina Design : Shoot venue – Post Office Slindon Street : Assistants – Glen, Harry, Thor, Max, Mark and Grace.


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