Infinite Poetry looks at the idea of poetry being stored as data in plant DNA. Whilst it might sound other-worldly and farfetched, this flower art is a real and true possibility.

‘Lena’ uses the chrysanthemum as the focal flower which is native to Asia. Our ‘data’ that we have pretended to store in this flower is a passage of writing taken from the Chinese text ‘Tao Te Ching.’ The print uses a monochromatic design, and displays the flower as if it is suspended in the infinity. Lena garments are designed around the DNA helix using square and spheres linked together. There is an asymmetrical skirt and a pull on ‘bolero’ style top and scarf.

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia LuvShifting : Photographer – Matt Sills : Photographers assistant – Jack Daly : Model – Sophie Hinds : H&MUA – Marie Jacks : Seamstress – Ana Espina Designs : Graphic Designer finisher for print & product shots – ldmDesigns : Graphic Designer collage maker – Alice Isaac : Venue – The White Room, Brixton.

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