Curious Cabinets explores the dreams and desires of three women through floral imagery. Marie is a young woman, challenged by the expectations being a new mother pose. 

Marie uses a dusty blue, best seen flowing on Fyodor Schechtel’s organic staircase in Moscow. The poppies on this composition depict the dream state against a subtle background, marrying together the confusion of woman-hood and youth. This bold design is both appealing and oppositional. 

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia, LuvShifting : Assitted by Elsie-Fox : Photographer – Matt Sills : H&MUA – Marie Jacks : Graphic Designer finisher for print – ldmDesigns : Seamstress – Ana Espina Design : Models – Alice Isaac and Anastasia Tscelepi : Location – Ibiza.

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