Curious Cabinets is an exploration into the dreams and desires of women and how they have broken through the boundaries of society using flower artistry. 

Our ‘Marie’ print typifies Art Nouveau in featuring a dusty blueish grey, best seen on a flowing organic staircase in Moscow, by Fyodor Schechtel. This colour beautifully compliments the red anemone and poppies detailed on the design. The poppies on this composition depict the dream state, against a subtle background, together representing the confusion of woman-hood, mother-hood, naivety and youth. These contrasts marry together in this design to create a bold statement which is both appealing and oppositional.

You can buy our Marie print as a large square scarf or a long flowing scarf.

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia, LuvShifting : Assitted by Elsie-Fox : Photographer – Matt Sills : H&MUA – Marie Jacks : Graphic Designer finisher for print – ldmDesigns : Seamstress – Ana Espina Design : Models – Alice Isaac and Anastasia Tscelepi : Location – Ibiza.

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