The Life collection is our depiction of the changing seasons. Using seasonal flowers, each of our structures spells out a letter, combining to revealing the title of our collection – Life. These installations were the inspiration for our 1st collection of scarves; Distorted, Hyper Real and Monochrome. 

Spring – A Bayleaf vase filled with bay flower buds and creeping anemone. The structure of this piece is made on moss and chicken wire with each bay leaf pinned onto the form. The Anemone flowers spill over the vase in a natural fashion. Spring is always a feeling of the birth of life and these buds seem to be searching out the light. The letter L can be seen from this.

Winter – An enclosed wire tower of red amarylis heads. In winter we are more bound by the weather and by our traditions to stay inside. Amaryllis are one of the symbolic flowers for the winter season. The letter here is I.

Autumn – A towering wisp of contorted willow, trailing amaranthus, dried hydrangea, jewel like viburnum berries and purple vanda orchids. This form is relaxed; the feeling we have in Autumn when we think about the summer that has passed and get ready for the cosy winter. The letter F can be seen from this.

Summer – A spiral of closely arranged yellow craspedia heads inter-mingled with the Tanacetum daisy and Ornithogolum flowers and a fringe of astilbe. The spiral shape is always fun and the round shape could be the sun. Yellow is a naturally sunny colour. The letter here is E.

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