The name Sophia has been said to mean wisdom and skill so we thoght this was quite fun and the planst growing inside the terrarium we built are very skilled as thriving in the 2 parts of the installation. You may have already read about Sophia on the main part of our website but we wanted to tell you a bit more. You may also know that our concepts can quite deep and challangening along the way and its true that we include many layers in our work. Did you know though that Tim went on a few glass and terrariu courses in oorder to build this amazing construction? Its a thing of beauty in its self and seems to take on a kind of space ship form.

The terrarium was built with an inner heart that is completley enlcosed and houses read Kalenchoe plants and polka dot plants who love this environment. This was incuded to contrast with the plants that are used ourside and around the other other part, where theres also deconstructed air con unit. Snake skin vine, ivy and peace lilies all love air con environmnets and in fact clean the air. NASA did a whole report on air cleaning plants that you migh tlike to check out, especially if you work in an air con office, pop one or two on your desk to improve the air. Gosh these plants are wise and skillful!

Laura was so complimentary about our work and loved doing the modelling for us. We really hope to work with her again soon, she was so good at being bendy – lots of yoga! We have a very funny moment when Ana (who made the headpeice) had to go up a step ladder to get to Laura’s head! She’s tall!

Thanks Laura!

We shot the terrarium in our basement studio, well actually under the car park. We built a huge speaker stack to encourage the plants to grow towards them through the musical vibrations. Of course we re-lived our raving days!

The shoot for the garments was also in a warehouse with Laura, photographed by Matt and these wonderful black and photos were taken by Dave who aslo does the tchinal tweaky bits on our fabric designs.