Zeinab Twisted Dress


This black and white design is named 'Zeinab' - meaning ‘flower of the desert.’ For this design we’ve used the white jasmine flower. We’d love it if you can smell that scent as you wear these garments, thats technology for another time perhaps?

The dress is designed to be worn from the beach as it slips on, no fastenings. The belt can be added at night if a more fitted look is desired.

Made from a thin silky cotton

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- Printed in UK using a digital printing process therefore eliminating ink wash off

- Finished in UK

- Delivered in a bespoke box

- Cool Hand Wash only

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Part of our Noctcaelador collection

“Emotional attachment to, or adoration of, the night sky.”

Appreciation of the night sky is declining because of society’s attachment to technology. The sky stories we told each other in ages past are becoming increasingly lost to the superficial light we now immerse ourselves in. Noctacaelador imagines flying over the desert under the night sky on a carpet of indigenous plants, looking up at the constellations of stars and down at landscape. As is always our desire, we have contrasted this with the problems that plants have when they are grown in a place immersed in light pollution.
As our design journey continues we introduce the image of the Arabian night tales: scarves blowing in the breeze, horse-back travels across the desert and Arabian tile tessellation.


  • made to measure