Scarf styling tips from a LuvShifting lover.

This is our Hyper Real scarf from our LIFE (2016) collection. Its colourful and bold design

featuring an array of flowers is one of our favourites. To find out more about the process


behind the design, visit here. Today, one of our wearers is going to be showing some of

the fabulous ways you can style this scarf. 

After receiving this scarf as gift from her sister, Anna showed us how to wear it in so many ways, 

and not just as you might expect!

How about a turban or a cumberband?

Or as a dress or a top?

This size is so versatile and measures 134cm square. We understand from the recipients

sister that Anna doesn’t go out without it and we can see why. You can buy the scarf

from our shop and find out more about the design on our Life pages. 


 Thank you Sarah and Anna for sharing these with us. How do you wear your scarf? You

can share your ideas over on Instagram, or drop us an email.