On a trip to New York, amongst many vast and inspiring sites, we became strangely and utterly fascinated by air conditioning units. Hooked onto buildings and protruding like bizarre futuristic limpets, we started to think about what types of plants could possibly survive in this environment.

Turns out, we weren’t the only people to ponder – there is a piece of research by NASA all about it: Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement was produced in 1989 and provided fodder for our inspiration.

For the design, we conceptualised taking an old air-con unit apart and having plants climbing all around it. We then looked at plants that live well in the enclosed space of a terrarium and decided to build one and attached components and parts of the deconstructed air-con unit. This added drama to the installation. Through the combination of ideas, and with reference to the fact that plants thrive under musical vibration, we created ‘Sophia’.

The shape of the terrarium influenced the angular garments we made to accentuate the idea. Photographs of the air-con unit terrarium design evolved into a deeply coloured, prism-printed bodysuit. Angles, deep greens and the juxtaposition of nature and machine are encapsulated in this collection.

You can buy the print from our shop – as a scarf. Stay tuned for more designs, including yoga pants.

Behind The Scenes


Concept, Construction and Artistic Directors – Tim & Nia Hobbs AKA LuvShifting : Photographer – Matt Sills : Model – Laura Rylands : H&Mup – Marie Jacks : Graphic design, product & BTS shots – ldmdesign : Seamstress – Ana Espina Design : Shoot venues – Bell Intergration : Assistants – Grace, Elsie-Fox, Poppy.


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