In a fort on a hill high above Portsmouth we dressed not only the venue but the grooms and their maids also. N & J love Blue moon roses so we ‘married’ these up with fresh scented lavender and grey eucalyptus. In the ceremony room and reception we decorated the walls with rustic hearts filled with these flowers and on the table were collections of lavender plants and bottles of flowers.

We were delighted when the grooms asked if we could also design their ties, pocket squares and scarves for their maids. We added their initials and a drawing of the entrance to the fort, so the design was unique to them and their wedding day.

Such a unique way to give memorable gifts at a wedding. The very lucky maids had a beautiful bespoke silk scarf to treasure forever. And of course we couldn’t leave the dog out so he got a bow tie for his very important job of being the ring bearer.

We are lost for words at the detail included in our silks, and the transformation of the space for the wedding breakfast. And the fragrance! Wow, thanks so much Nia
Mr & Mr King